Monday, March 16, 2009

Polar Bear

Bear of the Sea: The semiaquatic polar bear was once considered to be nomadic, but has since been shown to have a very large home range — up to about 115 square miles. Ringed seals are their preferred prey, but in winter, they will eat anything they can catch. In summer, they eat leaves, berries and seaweed.Adapted for Cold: Polar bears are made for the cold. Their hairs are hollow, making for excellent insulation that is capable of trapping much of their body heat. Only the nose and eyes radiate heat, so they cover them with their paws when they sleep.The Polar Bear's Downfall: This adaptation to freezing temperatures may be the polar bear's downfall at this time of global warming. As the earth heats up due to human-created greenhouse gases, the ice has begun to melt, putting the existence of the polar bear in jeopardy.

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