Thursday, March 12, 2009


An Ancient Animal: Turtles came into being about 200 million years ago and have evolved little since then. All turtles lay their eggs on land, even if the water is where they'd rather be.
Ultimate Protection: The turtle's most distinctive characteristic is the large shell that protects the soft body. Shells come in different shapes and textures depending on the lifestyle of the turtle. Those living on land have hard, high-domed shells that are difficult to penetrate. Turtles living in water tend to have more streamlined, smoother shells for easier mobility through the currents.
Famously Slow: Famously slow movers, most turtles will wait until their food inadvertently swims or walks within snapping distance. Most are herbivores and graze on grass, plants, bushes and shrubs, although they will also eat small animals or insects that happen to be mixed with their food.

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